Welcome to Woolacombe Beach

EvanLee Holidays is a family run business, aiming to help you have a wonderful holiday or weekend break in the UK.

Children and pets are part of the family, so are always welcome!
UK family holidays and breaks are perennially popular, particularly if you’re on a budget, or don’t want to risk travelling abroad – travelling costs are usually minimal and there's normally a vast choice of wonderful local shops and farmers’ markets, to enable you to really get absorbed in the local culture.
Beautiful countryside studded with castles and country houses is balanced out by some dynamic cities bursting with fantastic attractions aimed at kids or families, many of them free to visit, while the British seaside can’t be beat for its family appeal, whether you want splendid isolation or all the facilities of a classic resort.
Britain has shaken off its image as a culinary wasteland, with local, seasonal, often organic produce now used to full advantage the length and breadth of the country. Whether you're self-catering and making the most of local farm shops and farmers' markets, or dining in family-friendly cafés, pubs and restaurants in cities or the countryside, do your homework and you'll find that eating with the kids can be a huge pleasure.

If you missed your mates on over the past year, a group getaway is just the ticket. Group trips in the UK are not only more convenient (and frequently cheaper) than a holiday abroad, but they are also a great eco-friendly travel option if you are trying to cut down on flying.
There are plenty of options for group accommodation in some of the UK’s most beautiful spots, from cottages in small towns to apartments on the beach. Get together a group of friends or family and head to one of our favourite places for group getaways in the UK, Woolacombe Bay in Devon
For some people leaving a dog behind in kennels when they go on holiday is like leaving a member of the family behind. Travelling a long way or staying in a cramped hotel room isn’t relaxing for your pet, or you - so what better than being able to take a family holiday in a beautiful holiday home with your dog and being safe in the knowledge that your pet will be welcome when you arrive. The health benefits for your pooch and for you are proven - so take your dog walking in the open air - along forest paths, up craggy hillsides, or to one of the UK’s many pet friendly beaches where you both can run on the sand and take a dip in the sea (pets seem to be keen do this, even in the colder months!)
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